Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tuesday the 2nd

Oh was it really only the 2nd day of the holidays? 12 still to go?

Tuesday saw me hauling toys and treasures back up from the garage that had been stored there when we put the place on the market. I can't recommend it enough! No need to buy new toys, just rotating the ones we have makes them always seem exciting!

Chalk and the black/white board was the treat of the day. The kids had great fun!

This masterpiece was a joint effort between all three of my children. Their mucky fingers combined with the crayola washable markers (which are the best invention ever...if it's not washable then we don't want it in our house, but if it is, the kids can get as mucky as they like) resulted in this on the whiteboard.

Penny was also lucky enough to attend a fabulous beading class where she made a suncatcher and necklace. Thank you SO much lovely Kerry for buying Penny the space in the class xoxoxo.

The boys and I mucked around with the chalk, the dogs, some mud and a train set, also found in the garage.
Wellington's been the place to be lately with such fabulous weather! Long may it continue!

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  1. Looks like an awesomely fun day, Jules!
    Hope your good weather continues, we're in the second week of the holidays. Off to the beach this morning for some snorkelling!