Friday, October 5, 2012

Snakes and Adders

I saw this yesterday and just wanted to share these photos (with the permission of the fabulous knitter JillMott) - but how cute are these snakes?

Now, I can say they're cute. Here in New Zealand we don't have snakes, so I don't know what it's like to live with snakes, but I thought these photos were particularly great.

I have in the past been a little embarrassed about my very first pattern Snakes and Adders, and often forgotten I wrote it, not counting it amongst my published patterns. At the moment though, I am working on revisiting and reformatting a few of my earlier patterns and this one will have a wee edit soon. Maybe even be downloadable as a pdf! Whoa! But, we all have to start somewhere, right?

So if you have remnants of yarn and little children to try and rustle up a Christmas present for, this free pattern might be useful. Knit a few, pop in a tissue box and voila! Hours of fun.

This one knitted above was knitted by raveller JillMotts and is just one in a collection of snakes. She's put some great notes in her project too and interestingly she's stuffed it with yarn rather than using a pipe cleaner.

The pattern is license free - if you want to make some to sell, gift, donate, whatever - that's fine by me.

How am I doing for Blogtoberfest? Day 5 and 6 blog entries. Howzat!


  1. They look great Julia. I remember that pattern, would make some fab holiday entertainment too!

  2. Hmmmm cute...I am not sure. They are very clever though. We live with snakes and even knitted ones make me wary. xx