Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Falling Behind

It's only the 9th of October and I've missed a day for blogtoberfest, I must blog now before I fall behind.

We did a bit of seed planting and garden watering the other day. It actually wasn't as idyllic as I thought it might be. Give each child a tray and let them pick their own seeds...and find your 18 month old wants to dig up the other children's trays *insert screams of disappointment from the children that carefully poked little holes in their seed raising mix and dropped single seeds into the hole before covering them up*. That's what little brothers are for right? Mischief! But this one is so cute, and we covered them back up without too many problems so it was quickly forgotten.

This is where Penny accidentally drops her seeds all over the ground and has to try and pick them up...we hope she grows something!
And Timothy - all done! So proud of his tray of dirt. Hard to photograph really isn't it!
But wait....what's that over in the distance?
It's getting closer! Queue the Jaws music - 'Da nuh, da nuh'
...and closer! Da nuh, da nuh
Oh, he doesn't look scary! Does he? Or are looks deceiving.... (Penny's giving us the time on her Barbie watch)
Queue the dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada
And that's where the pictures of the series have to end, unfortunately. We didn't just merrily go inside, The End, but like any parent, I had to choose to put down the camera to solve a few 'issues' rather than capturing it all on camera.
A bit like the part two of this blog entry...I'll add that for tomorrow rather than overdoing the photos today.


  1. Arrrrrggggghhh isn't that so the way! I have some shots of the kids and Tim playing a board game the other afternoon. It ended with the board on the ground, care of a certain 5yr old who didn't like the way the game was going. The wonderful world of childhood!

  2. lol, lucky he is cute. Ps where did you get the barbie watch?? Amelia is requesting one for xmas, and keeps trying to pretend James' car watch is actually her barbie watch....

    1. Farmers, in one of their bins by the checkout upstairs :)